Review Policy

Since starting this blog/ challenge I’ve been lucky enough to receive a few advance reading copies of books from publishers. I am thrilled about this as it opens me up to new authors and saves my pennies. I have read, though, that it is a good idea to have a review policy. So here goes…

I will reply to all requests for book reviews in a timely manner and I reserve the right to refuse a request for a book review. A short synopsis and information about the genre would be very helpful.

I would prefer to receive ‘physical’ books but will also consider ebooks compatible with kindle. No self-published or fan-fiction, thank you.

My preferred genres are:

  • Literary fiction
  • Classic fiction
  • Historical fiction
  • Crime/ thriller
  • Non-fiction history, politics, some biography and some travel

I do not read:

  • Romance
  • Erotica
  • Most sci-fi and fantasy
  • Most young adult

I will endeavour to read and review books within 6 weeks of receipt. Reviews will always be honest and, therefore, not necessarily favourable. They will be posted here, copied to Goodreads and cross-posted to Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for reading, please get in touch… details on the contact page.


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