Update/ Long Time No Post

I’ve been very quiet on the blogging front recently because, sadly, I haven’t had a review to post. This is for two reasons, firstly I haven’t done much reading lately (I know, I hate it, it feels weird) and second I’m ploughing my way through Hilary Mantel’s  A Place of Greater Safety which at almost 900 pages is like reading at least two ‘normal’ books. I also have The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao on the go on my Kindle but as I only read that in bed I’m only managing a couple of pages at a time before my eyes feel too heavy.

I posted the above picture on Instagram (I’m @mushypeasonearth if you fancy following me) as its a rare example of me having some time to simply sit and read. Actually that’s a bit of a fib, I could read a lot more in the evenings but there’s a lot of good telly on at the moment (Nurse Jackie, Y Gwyll, This is England ’90, Nashville…!). I have a bit of time today, as my Mum has started taking Ffion on Monday mornings to allow me to get some cleaning and other bits and bobs done. I’ve hoovered the downstairs and mopped the kitchen floor and I think that’ll do for today so after I’ve mooched around on the internet a bit and prepared some notes for the A-level Politics tutoring I’ll be doing with my brother later, I intend to sit down with a cuppa and Citizens Danton, Robespierre and Desmoulins!

Don’t get me wrong, A Place of Greater Safety is magnificent, its just not one to be speed-read and combined with its size (entirely necessary considering the scope of the book, I can’t wait to review it!) its taking me a while. Its a little frustrating when I have book club books backing up on the Kindle and gazillions of physical books taunting me from my shelves, including these three I’m particularly excited about.


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