Holiday Reading

Holiday time usually means serious reading time for me. For a two week holiday (pre-Kindle) I would generally have to take a box of books, and could pretty much guarantee to get through at least half a dozen. My ideal holiday is one shared between getting out and about walking and sight-seeing and sitting in the sun (or under the stars) with a good book and a glass of beer or wine. However this year’s holiday had the addition of a one year old who needs constant entertaining in tow. Nevertheless, I read two books and made a good start on two more in our week in Normandy, from which I have just returned. Largely this was down to the fact our holiday home was the size of a shoe box and we could only fit the travel cot in the living room and were forced to sit silently next to it every evening, sipping our way through several bottles of wine as the tiny tyrant (as we have taken to calling her) slept.

First up was A God In Ruins, followed by Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Both book club choices which I hadn’t got round to. Reviews on their way… I was also meant to be reading Les Miserables but realised too late that it was on “the cloud” not “my device” and lack of wifi meant it was out of my grasp. Instead I embarked on Hilary Mantel’s whopper A Place of Greater Safety which my daughter (ok, my husband) bought for me last month to say thank you for looking after her through her chicken pox! I have also made a start on The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao which comes highly recommended from so many sources. Hopefully I will get these finished soon though as the Mantel is over 800 pages, I think I’m going to get behind again. Oh well, c’est la vie!


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