Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I Really Want to Meet


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday (the weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish Blog) is the Top Ten Authors You Really Want to Meet. I’m going to set my own rules for this one and just go with fiction writers, and those living or dead. So far I only have 5 though. I’ll maybe add more as they come to me. I’m quite lucky as I’ve met a few authors at signings after events at the Hay Festival and on occasion they’ve not been that nice, so its always a gamble meeting a hero!

1. Louis de Bernieres

I have actually met Louis de Bernieres before, after a talk about The Partisan’s Daughter in Birmingham Waterstones. We had a really lovely chat, mainly about Birds Without Wings (my favourite of his books, and one which, in the talk, he said he was disappointed it hadn’t been received as well as he’d hoped) and the fact that he’d noticed me in the audience and thought I looked sad! I said it was just my concentrating face! Anyway, I would really like to meet him again just because he is just such a nice man!

2. George RR Martin

I want to meet George RR Martin so I can punch him in the face. I’m not particularly annoyed with him for KILLING OFF SO MANY AMAZING CHARACTERS, I actually like that about his books- the lack of sentimentality, but I am annoyed with him for taking so bloody long to finish the series. And for adding MORE characters and MORE plot lines as we go along making me think he will die before anything gets resolved.

3. George Orwell

I’ve written before about how much I love Orwell’s writing (see my #ThrowBookThursday post on Homage to Catalonia, for instance) but is it cheating to say I’d want to meet him mainly to talk history/ politics with him? It would be fascinating to ask for further details about his time in Spain and to see what he made of modern society with all its echoes of 1984.

4. Ian McEwan

This would just be so I could go all fan-girly and gush about how much I love his books. I did this when I met Eric Hobsbawm (the amazing historian) and he just looked a bit bemused (he was in his 90s then, and maybe didn’t hear me or just thought “Who is this weird woman?”)

5. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Meeting her would be another fan-girl moment, I think she is just a genius and so beautiful and inspirational. Hopefully I’d not embarrass myself and get to chat to her about feminism and race and all that kind of stuff!


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