Up Next…. Good Omens

(Image from Dignity in Dying)

I know in some circles it is almost blasphemous to say this, but… gulp… I don’t think I like Terry Pratchett. I admire the man immensely, particularly for his work with the Alzheimer’s Society and Dignity in Dying, two causes close to my heart, and I found it very sad when he died so prematurely after a long struggle with Alzheimer’s disease last month. But I am not a fan of his work. We read Truckers or Diggers (I don’t remember which) as a class in school and I didn’t enjoy it, then as an older teen I tried a couple of Discworlds on friends’ recommendations but always ended up giving up. I even watched a bit of the recent TV adaptations like The Colour of Magic but changed channel. So it is with slight reticence that I have decided to read Good Omens. It narrowly missed out on becoming one of my book groups’ book of the month and several of the group went on to read it and loved it, so in honour of the great man I am going to give him another go.

Watch this space for my review…


2 thoughts on “Up Next…. Good Omens

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