#ThrowBookThursday: Forget Me Not


Scrolling through my emails, I saw one (from AbeBooks.co.uk I think) with the hashtag #ThrowBookThursday and I thought that would make a fun ‘meme’ where I thought about books from my past which had made an impact on me. I’d love other book bloggers to join me (or maybe you’re doing it already and I’m behind the curve) so please comment and link me to your blog if you’re doing it too!


First up is a book from my past that has recently become part of my present; Forget Me Not by Paul Rogers, illustrated by Celia Berridge. As you can see above I received it for Christmas when I was about two and a half, and it became a firm favourite. It’s a lovely rhyming story of a forgetful lion who goes on a day trip to visit his cousin and leaves something behind at every stage of the journey.



One of the verses has even become a family saying for when the sun comes out:

‘The sun!’ he cries. ‘Just look at that!
Did I forget to bring my hat?’

I/ my parents didn’t keep many of my mountain of childhood books but this one survived regular culling. And now it is in regular bedtime story rotation with my little one as I do my best to get her to catch the book bug!



4 thoughts on “#ThrowBookThursday: Forget Me Not

  1. Oh, my goodness, this is a GREAT idea! May I steal (I will credit)? Also, your little one is so cute! What a smile. No doubt that reading to her will pay off later… 🙂

    • Go ahead! I think I saw a picture hash tagged throwbookthursday on Instagram or something so not really my idea anyway. X

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