This morning I posted my 52nd review since starting my blog/ challenge in October 2013. So that means that even if I didn’t touch another book over the next 3 months I have read, on average, a book a week! I’m not really finished though, because I have also signed up to 52 books in 2014 challenge on Goodreads and I guess now the challenge is keeping it going.

So, how have I done it? I know a book a week is not that big a deal for a lot of people but I have at times had to put some effort in. I am a quick reader and if I have a day with nothing to do I can easily sit in a comfy chair and finish a book in a day. I’ve been lucky because my current job means that I finish at 3.30pm, don’t have to take anything home with me and get all the school holidays which means lots of time for reading (I’m not lucky in other ways, like getting paid a pittance but that’s another story…). I’ve made sure that I’ve filled what otherwise might be ‘dead time’ with reading, like while I’m eating breakfast or waiting at the doctors. Since I was given an iPad by work, and now I’ve bought my own kindle, reading has become a bit more portable and I’ve been reading on my lunch hour or break time.

Yes, at times it has felt like a bit of a chore. Especially when I’m reading something I don’t like, Middlemarch and Sons and Lovers really took it out of me, but on the whole its been great. Somehow, though, I’ve made no in roads into my mental to-read list because of the book clubs I’m in, the ARCs I’ve been sent and my discovery of NetGalley. This has also meant I’ve not read as many classics as I wanted to when I set out which is frustrating. But, as I said, I’m finished but not really finished, so plenty of time for that…


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