Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Book Blogging Confessions


As I have the time and inclination, and the encouragement from some of my followers/ readers, to branch out from just posting reviews I thought I would try and take part in the weekly “Top Ten Tuesdays” meme which is initiated by The Broke and the Bookish blog.

This week’s theme is Top Ten Book Blogging Confessions so here goes…

  1. I do feel like book blogging is a little bit of a vanity project and can’t believe that people actually care what I think about books I’ve read, and I worry that it makes me sound a bit pretentious and self-indulgent. But I get a lot of likes, hits and some comments so I guess it can’t be that bad!
  2. Until I set up my blog myself, I had no real idea what an active community of book bloggers there was out there. Its great to be a part of but at the same time frustrating because it reminds me how many amazing books there are out there and how I’m never going to get to read them all!
  3. I have a love-hate relationship with my Kindle. I didn’t want one, I held out for a long time and then I just gave in and realised it was easier, especially when I discovered NetGalley. While I’m using it though I look at my shelves longingly…
  4. I love looking at the stats on my blog dashboard. Especially seeing the random places I have had hits from like Mauritius, Panama, Brazil, Pakistan… fantastic!
  5. I have, once, had my review retweeted by the author of the book. Whilst this was exciting, I felt a little bit bad as it wasn’t the greatest review as I found the book a bit too ‘chick-lit’ for me.
  6. I’m probably going to turn a lot of readers off me here but I’m a bit of a book snob when it comes to young adult fiction. I really don’t like most of it, especially the more romance orientated stuff, and it baffles me how many grown ups (mostly women) get such a kick out of it. Saying that, I did/ do really love the Hunger Games trilogy.
  7. I don’t like giving up on books and haven’t done that once since I started my blog/ challenge. But the problem with that is that I feel really resentful that I am reading something I am not enjoying just to get through it when there are so many other brilliant things I could be reading. However, I don’t think its fair to review a book you haven’t seen through to the end. You never know, it could surprise you.
  8. I’m getting a bit worried about my memory. Up until the age of about 21 I would probably be able to tell you in minute detail every character, plot twist and even the odd great line from every book, TV show and film I’d ever seen. These days when I put a book down and start to write my review I sometimes have to pick it up again to check I’ve got something right. Its one of the reasons I started the blog, to remember what the books I’ve read are actually about.
  9. I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT when people say “Oh, I don’t have time to do all that reading” or something to that effect. It feels like they are judging me, as if I haven’t got a life or enough responsibilities. If I said what was in my head they would know I am judging them right back, thinking “Well, I bet you have time to sit in front of the TV all night though, no?”
  10. I’ve found this pretty hard as I’ve tried to stick to blog related confessions rather than just reading related confessions. It feels very long… wonder if anyone bothers to read it?! (Guess I’ll have to check my stats later!)

16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Book Blogging Confessions

  1. Lol,the one from Mauritius is me! :p
    I agree with you on all points,especially on 6,7,9! The last one,is pretty funny to be honest!
    Well you can be sure that at least one person read all the confessions! 😉

    • Ha ha, thanks! Wow, it is amazing to know I’ve connected with someone I’ve never met so far away.

  2. I feel the same way about my kindle. I feel awful about shopping through Amazon and not independent retailers but it’s so easy to just click ‘buy’ on kindle. Also NetGalley has increased the amount I use it. It’s also great for travelling as I am terrible at choosing just one book to take so this way I can take shelves and shelves with me in one little package.

  3. Enjoyed reading this! I agree with a lot of your confessions, especially no. 6! I’d like to try some young adult fiction, but I never seem to be drawn to it and there always seems to be other books that grab my attention.

    • Thank you! Yeah I just can’t understand why adults want to read about teen romances. I have tried e.g. The Fault in Our Stars, Delerium… I just don’t like them.

      • I want to read The Fault in Our Stars because so many people love it, but I also think this is partly why I’m putting off reading it for the moment – sometimes too much hype can make my expectations really high!

    • Oh really, hmmm will look into that. I like my blog layout etc but not if it’s putting people off commenting. Will check out your blog now…

  4. The Kindle one describes me perfectly. I like my Kindle because it enables me to read my awesome NetGalley ARCs, but nothing beats the physical copies. Nothing!

    • I know, there’s just something about holding a book and having it on your shelves. Thanks for reading!

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  6. Oh man, I totally understand the feeling when an author tweets out a review (except in my case it was the author’s wife LOL) but man I instantly screenshot it for safekeeping haha. I also get a kick out of discovering new places visitors to my blog live in. It’s really neat to see the world connecting together by some common thread of interest!

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

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