Neglecting my reading and books piling up:(


I’ve not posted for a while because, unfortunately, I’ve not really done any reading for a while. This not only makes me feel guilty, as I’m neglecting my challenge and not getting around to reviewing books I’ve been sent as advanced copies and so on, but it’s also making me feel sad as I’m missing out on my literature fix and the escapism that comes with it.

My to-read is piling up. As you can see from the photo above I have Jamaica Inn to read for one of my book clubs, the Johansson one was sent by Waterstones, Succession I was offered as an ARC from Penguin and I’ve been wanting to read Americanah since it came out in hardback last year, it was a birthday present from my husband. I also have 2 ebooks sent through NetGalley lined up on the kindle, Why Be Happy When You Can Be Normal? and I Am China. Eek!

The lack of reading is down to my current exam marking nightmare! I’m a history and politics teacher by trade but at the moment I’m working as a cover supervisor, which is basically an in-house supply teacher paid at an unqualified rate. So because I’m not earning so much, and am about to go on maternity leave where I’ll only be entitled to basic statutory maternity pay I accepted two lots of marking to get a bit more cash. Some how, they have both landed on me at the same time which means my every waking moment is now devoted to sitting at my computer, reading essays, looking at mark schemes, writing comments and clicking boxes. When I stop, I just can’t concentrate on books… the words start to swim or I fall asleep.

Anyway, I hope to be back on track soon. Any regular readers (if there are any!) don’t give up on me I’m still around!


2 thoughts on “Neglecting my reading and books piling up:(

    • Aw thanks. Yeah I know. I’m “ahead” with my challenge so I don’t have to worry about that. I love reading, it’s the marking that’s stressing me out really.

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