The story so far…

Well, I’m now almost a month/ 5 weeks in so thought I’d post about how I’m getting on with my Book A Week Challenge. As you can see, I’m ahead of schedule having read six books. I started off pretty well because it was half term (I’m a teacher… sort of) and I read a few easy ones that I was able to race through. Surprisingly I found the massive tome that is The Luminaries one of these easy ones as it was just so flipping good.

I have had to be a little bit more disciplined than I would be normally, perhaps getting up a little earlier to read over breakfast or reading a bit in bed instead of knocking the lamp off and going straight to sleep on a night. I’m lucky because I had a couple of weekends with nothing to do but read. Below is a pic of my favourite place to read. The rocking chair belonged to my great-granny and is so comfy. I curl up in that chair, put the lamp on, stick some music on my computer, have a cuppa and read. Its lovely and cosy, a great escape.

my reading chair


One thought on “The story so far…

  1. Great to see that you are relaxing and escaping into a world of literature. Looks really comfy on the photo.

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