So, what’s it all about?

I really love reading. I like getting wrapped up in a good plot, and getting to know some good characters. I even quite like reading books that I don’t really like, because I actually quite enjoy getting worked up and indignant over why I don’t like it. I like talking about things I like, and don’t like.

I read a fair bit. Probably two or three books a month, and usually about half a dozen when I am on holiday. I’m in two book groups so have at least two that I have to read.

I love book shops, especially second hand ones. I could spend all day, and all my money, in them. This has led me to build up quite a lot on my shelves that I haven’t actually read. On top of this, I really like libraries too and have a real dilemma deciding which ones to take out. I’m always worried that the one I wanted but didn’t take will be gone next time I’m there!

As I said, I read a fair bit, but I think I would like to read more. I need to plough through those unread volumes on my shelves and also tackle some classics that I have neglected along the way. So I have set myself this challenge, starting today (I know an odd day, Thursday 31st October, but its now or never) to read at least 52 books this calendar year. I’m going to aim for a book a week but if I read a couple one week (when I’m on holiday, for example) I can cut myself some slack for when I’m trudging through a long one (I’d like to get War and Peace done this year, for example, and I have requested 800+ page mega-tome The Luminaries from the library).  I’m going to try to read some different types of books, both fiction and non-fiction. After I’ve read a book I will blog about it here. I’ll blog about how I’m finding the challenge too. If I’ve got any readers, (*waves*), then please join in… tell me what you think, make some suggestions, rubbish my choices.

I’m looking forward to it, but I’m worried that in the depths of term when I get home zonked and there’s something good on the telly (or something bad, True Blood, anyone?!) that I would rather zone out and watch the box than stick my nose in a book. Let’s hope I’m up to the challenge!


3 thoughts on “So, what’s it all about?

    • Thanks! Its going well so far… easier than I thought it would be… in fact, I’ll do a blog post about how its going!

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