1. The Winter Ghosts: Kate Mosse

walks etc october 2013 090Why did I read it?

I bought this in the Cancer Research charity shop in Swansea on a bit of an impulse. I’d quite enjoyed Mosse’s Languedoc trilogy  of Labyrinth, Sepulchre and Citadel and this looked like an easy read.


Historical fiction, romance, supernatural/ ghost-story

Plot Summary

The Winter Ghosts tells the story of Freddie Watson, grieving for the loss of his brother in the Great War, who finds himself in South West France. Caught in a storm, he stays in a small village where he goes to the evening’s fete and meets a beautiful woman called Fabrissa. He pours his heart out to her in a way he hasn’t been able to do, and she in turn tells him her story before vanishing, telling him to find her. Determined to reunite with this mysterious stranger, Freddie climbs the mountains and finds a cave where six hundred years ago exiled Cathars from the village were entombed by the invading army.

My Review

Easy reading from Kate Mosse, much in the same vein as Labyrinth, Sepulchre and Citadel- a supernatural, historical, romance. I read it in one sitting this afternoon with the fire burning away and a nice hot mug of coffee! Don’t expect to be challenged or blown away. The best thing about it is how it deals with a man’s grief for his fallen brother in the Great War in quite a powerful way and uses this to link the main character into the violent and sad history of South West France.

3 stars


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